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Touristic Offer in Lublin:

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Magic Lublin

We would like to invite you to meet The Goat City along a Multicultural Route linking us back to the times of Lublin Region flourishing, when it was a mixture of cultures, religions and customs of nations inhabiting the Region: the Jews, the Poles, the Ukrainians, The Romes, the Tartars and the Germans.
Unfortunately occupation, holocaust and *** put an end to this extraordinary rich world.
Let us try to discover what is left until these days.

You will be presented to a large piece of the culture and history not only of Lublin. The trip is organized with a guide.


1. The statue of Lublin Union and The Litewski Square
2. The Evangelic-Augsburg Church for invocation of The Holy Trinity
3. The Lubormirskis Castle and the nearby ones: of Czartoryskis and Potockis
4. Former Greek Orthodox Church
5. The building Trading School of A. and J. Vetters and a nearby former Bernardian church for invocation of St. Paul, The New City Hall and 14th century Cracow Gate.
6. The Cathedral Square with the Cathedral and Trinity Gate.
7. The Old Square/The Old Theatre, The Basilica of Fathers Dominicans, Square "Po Farze"
8. The Grodzka Gate and a visit to the Theatre NN- Grodzka Gate
9. Castle Hill/Castle/ Holy Trinity Chapel with unique Russian-Byzantine murals - monument classified as O by UNECSO, Museum,
10. Obelisk in token of remembrance of The Great Synagogue
11. Orthodox church
12. Hill 'Czwartek'

You are very much invited to explore our city in your own way, to loiter around recesses and alleys of Lublin Old Town. Maybe you would manage to reach what is so untouchable or experience something that still exists here although a little faded and bitten by the tooth of time like the photographs presented.