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Touristic Offer in Lublin:

Judaica |  Kozłówka  |  Lublin | Trójkat lubelski



"Along the Jewish traces in the Lublin District"

Synagogue: museum; old part of the town has a street layout characteristic for Jewish towns.

Wlodawa - The City of Three Cultures; touring program:
- Old Synagogue of 17th century / at present hosting The Museum of Leczynsko-Włodawski Lake District, presenting among others: large collection of Jewish craftworks and objects of religious cult + temporary exhibitions/

Sobibor - former extermination camp of the Jews from 1942-43;
a tour of the museum

Tadeusz Kościuszko's Residence in Sosnowica near Włodawa

Parczew - old Jewish town with 600-year-long history; touring:
- The wooden belfry of 1675 r. classified as 0 by UNESCO
- Synagogue from the second half of 19th century.
- A house of Jewish Baths from the 20s of 20th century

- "Rabinówka"- a house of a famous Jewish cadyk - Menahem Mendel Morgenstern called the rabbi of Kock
- Jewish graveyard- a few original macevas /preserved in good condition /


 Lubartów - one of the best known Jewish towns in the region;
- Former residence of Piotr Firlej / the district governor /; founded in the first half of 16th century; presently housing the barton of the district foremanship